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Growing up can be hard, doubly so for kids with disabilities, a serious illness or injury….and difficult for the typically developing kids in the family growing up with them.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) gives special needs kids accommodations in schools, recreational programs, and any activity open to children.

At home, the child with special needs is surrounded by a loving family who must also make accommodations in many aspects of daily life. Taking care of a child with any kind of a disability or illness has an emotional impact on the entire family. Siblings often have to make due with a smaller share of their parent’s time, energy, and financial resources. Children may experience troubling emotions of anger, sadness, jealousy, guilt, embarrassment and worry.

There is however, another side to being the brother or sister of a child with physical or emotional challenges: the opportunity to develop positive traits such as empathy, tolerance, insight, love, and loyalty.

The Other Kid workbook was designed to give siblings a way to open up and talk about their feelings and concerns.
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Parents and Sibling Support groups can use this workbook as a tool to communicate with children and to reassure them that their feelings are valid, normal and acceptable. The Other Kid is designed to be comforting and supportive. Gentle prompts and sentence starters invite children to read, write and draw directly into the workbook. This book is a great way for parents to connect with their children and cope with the challenges they face.
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