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“Ronald McDonald House of New York has been using an invaluable tool and resource called The Other Kid. This wonderful book has helped us understand the thoughts and needs of the siblings of the patients. We want to thank Lorraine for opening up her heart so that we can help others be noticed and not be the other child.”
  Nelida Barreto
Director of Programs
Ronald McDonald House of New York, Inc.
We love the idea behind The Other Kid, a workbook designed to help children handle the emotional impact of having a sibling with a disability, an injury, or a serious illness. The open-ended questions and blank pages allow kids to express their feelings in a thoughtful way.
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  PARENTS magazine  
The Other Kid written by Lorraine Donlon is a draw it out guidebook / journal for children dealing with a special needs sibling.

Written in clear and simple language, The Other Kid is an excellent learning tool for parents, grandparents, educators, special education service providers and social workers. Targeted for children between five and twelve years old, The Other Kid, validates the complex feelings of being the sibling to a brother or sister with special needs. It encourages siblings to express their feelings through art and writing. The Other Kid also allows siblings to appreciate their brother/sister, to respect and accept their strengths as well as their weaknesses. It also highlights the similarities between siblings. More importantly, The Other Kid is the beginning of an honest conversation.

While The Boy is an only child, I would highly recommend this book to parents with multiple children. I also believe that this book should be added to every school library and/or used with sibling support groups. It's important that children understand their feelings. The Other Kid supports awareness and acceptance.
  Lisa Quinones-Fontanez
“Parents worry about the voice they have trouble hearing- the voice of the other child. Lorraine Donlon’s simple yet profound workbook helps these “other children” develop a voice that can speak and be heard by all concerned.”
  Robert Naseef, Ph.D., Psychologist,
author Special Children, Challenged Parents,
co-editor Voices from the Spectrum
“Finally! There is a a workbook that acknowledges that the siblings of special needs children have fears, emotions and concerns surrounding the issues of their brothers and/or sisters. The Other Kid explores these often unspoken issues and emotions and at the same time brings these needs into the awareness of the parents and counselors. This book was written based on the personal experience of The Other Kid, for The Other Kid’s out there. I highly recommend this book for use in a home, school or clinic setting.”
  Carol A. Baerlein
School Psychologist
“It would have been amazing if I had this book when my son, “the other kid” was young. I was always concerned about him but couldn’t find a way to address those concerns. There was a silence about “it”, those things that were so hard to talk about. We could have read this book together and would have felt less alone. At least others who are going through this experience can use this incredibly valuable tool.”
  Marsha Luftig, CSW
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