The Other Kid logo with children in circle, A Draw It Out Guidebook For Kids Dealing With A Special Needs Sibling, Available in English & Spanish!
The Other Kid is used at ACLD and RMDH
to support the siblings of special needs kids:
Ronald McDonald House
of New York, Inc.
ACLD Adults and Children
with Learning and
Developmental Disabilities
Other support sites for siblings of special need kids:
School Family
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Supporting Children with Special Needs Siblings

SIBSHOPS – Don Meyer
Alternative Choices –
Dr. Robert Naseef
Autism Speaks
Music as Therapy:
How Music Can Make You Healthier
American Cancer Society
Article on Music Therapy
Safe Stars:
Highly Rated Autism Therapies
Autism Therapies like Picture Exchange Communication System or PECS, Behavioral Therapy, Music Therapy, Auditory Integration Training, Dolphin Assisted Therapy and more
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